Direct experience of professional people has resulted in Lavor PRO floor scrubbers range: easy to handle, powerful, efficient, carefully conceived and designed by using top-quality materials.

Why cilindric brush?

High speed rotation for a polishing effect; great dirt degrease in floors with grout ; possibility to link together the sweeping function; the rotation direction assists forwarding in models without traction.

Why disc brush?

Extended mechanical action of the bristles on the floor, ideal for persistent dirt: the special setting of the brush plate allows a balanced gripping effect, assisting easy use in the non traction models. Complete cleaning also next to walls is possible and the compact washing element lower at the sides is studied to scrub also under edges.

How a squeegee should be designed?

The shape and the material used grant a perfect drying in every condition, also on floors with grout  or when quick U turns are necessary.The floating body can stay in the machine operating space (compact / room saving) The manual adjusting system grants a perfect drying on each kind of floors.

How long do battery charges last?

It is impossible to determine exactly how long a battery charge lasts and so how long a machine can work in autonomy.Battery autonomy changes depending on type of surface, dirt quantity, brush type and way in which traction system is used (speed and slope). Battery life is made up of number of charge cycles (also incomplete), if use conditions, charge and  service are perfectly observed.  Manufacturing technology diversifies numbers of cycles, service needed,  use/charge conditions and performances.